Lower Saucon Township's Environmental Advisory Council
Water ~ A Precious Resource

Tips to Conserve Water from Lower Saucon Authority

Just Open the Faucet & Clean Water Comes Out!

Most people take for granted that safe, clean water comes out of their tap. Did you know that 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water? It is not a problem that only affects other countries. The problem exists in the U.S. too - think Flint, Michigan as a recent example.

Water treatment plants can only do so much to treat the contaminants that are put in our water system. People need to do their part in protecting our water resources.

If you feel your water usage is higher than normal, there are a number of things you can do to analyze and correct the issue. Learn more.
Wetlands (pictured at left) play a very important role in filtering contaminants from water.
Severe stream bank erosion (left) can occur when streamside buffers (right) are not properly maintained.

Some recommended trees, shrubs and perrenials for our area's streamside buffers.

                  River Birch   ~   Silver Maple   ~   Red Maple   ~   Speckled Alder   ~   Sycamore   ~   Swamp White Oak
       Smooth Alder   ~   Flowering Dogwood   ~   Spicebush   ~   Silky Willow   ~   Red Willow   ~   Red-osicr Dogwood
Swamp Milkweed   ~   Beggarticks   ~   Marsh Spike Rush   ~   Sensitive Fern   ~   Smartweed   ~   Wrinkle-leaf Goldenrod

Did you know?    Stormwater runoff is a leading cause of
It picks up bacteria from pet waste, motor oil from parking lots and fertilizer from lawns ... and washes them into streams and lakes.

What can you do to help?     Rain Gardens & Rain Barrels are two suggestions.

View a video on  how to make a rain barrel
Some great local watershed resources ~ Check them out